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IT support - Computer Tech Support and HelpComputer Tech help and support: A brief primer!

If you are reading this, chances are you have experiencing troubles in seamlessly operating your desktop, phone or tablet. It is at this juncture that our expertise kicks in and our trouble-shooting experts will identify and fix issues with all devices and peripherals.

Tech Support Canada : How does it work?

Be it a smartphone, laptop or your local area network, we will fix it all. And the best part is that we offer remote diagnostic capabilities making it really easy for you to get things done. No physical movement of any electronic item is required. All solutions are offered through the internet.

How much time does the whole process take?

Our typical turnaround time for fixing most problems is around 15 minutes but some repair sessions can even take one hour or more. But your physical presence is not required while your device is getting repaired and you can concentrate on other tasks.

Do I need to send across my computer?

No, not at all. Our team of experts has the tools, resources, depth of knowledge to take control over your computer from a remote location and fix the issue that is impeding your work processes.

How does your support mechanism work?

We have a variety of membership plans at interesting price points, for both small and big businesses. All you need to do is to call 1-800-486-7142 or enter into a live chat with a support technician right now.

Tech Support : Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we do in order to guide you towards the best possible plans for both personal and commercial use. We can even offer tailor-made packages, in case you have deployed multiple packages for personal or office use. Just dial 1-800-486-7142.

What if I am not satisfied with your service delivery?

We offer 100% money back guarantee in order to give our customers the assurance that we offer genuine, world-class services. And that they are not at risk financially when they choose to transact with us.

How do you fix browsing related issues?

When multiple users access the web, through a leased line connection there can be issues with regard to firewalls as fixed broadband connection needs a strong firewall to deal with malware, viruses and vishing attacks. With our remote diagnostic capabilities, we can solve issues related to pop-ups, redirects and content loading without your content.

Our suite of tech support services offer solutions with regard to:

  • Security
  • Protection
  • Tune-ups, accelerating the web
  • Video streaming
  • Seamlessly surfing social media channels.

Tell me more about the advantages of computer tech help and support?

Few business owners have the expertise to handle technical problems on their own and they look for reliable on-site support. Big businesses prefer to have an in-house support team but smaller businesses cannot afford the cost of having an in-house team. So they prefer outsourced services from vendors that have a sound word-of mouth reputation.     Following are some of the scenarios when our intervention is required:

  • Computers failing to connect to host devices and Wi-Fi networks
  • Wi-Fi networks not working or absence of connectivity due to some technical issue
  • Printers, tablets and cameras not working in sync with the parent computer
  • Installation and setting up of Wi-Fi networks, home theatre systems and much more.

What makes you different from others in the market?

Our suite of services is geared for the new –age businesses who believe in the power of the internet and have implicit faith in the power of remote diagnostics. Instead of taking your computer physically to a local tech service centre and spend valuable company time in sending, repairing and bringing back the computer, solutions are now offered online.

With email, online chat and telephone all your problems are solved and services are offered round the clock, 24*7*365 giving complete peace of mind to business owners. Operations such as inbound or outbound business process outsourcing facilities require such remote diagnostic services as they operate at night. Even travel agents, software companies, advertising agencies whose work relies very heavily on hardware and software capabilities now desire such services to keep themselves ahead of the competition.

Organizations can pick from monthly or yearly rentals for unlimited tech support during the period for which the contract has been signed. Annual maintenance contracts that charge you per computer are best as you can scale up or down depending upon the volume of business generated. Such a system works best even during recessionary times and during periods of high growth.

How do we pick the right vendor for our business?

If this question is on your mind, then you are quite close to picking the vendor of your choice for your business. Keep in mind that the tech support vendor you choose will not just be a vendor but will emerge as your partner in growth as and when the association goes long. Here we have outlined certain pointers that you need to keep in mind while selecting the tech support vendor of your choice.

  • Never get lured by the low price offer being made by the vendor. This is a referral business and price cutting is not the norm here. Service quality differential is what makes the good stand out from the bad.
  • Vendors offering legitimate, accommodating services are few and beware of ones who advertise too much across various media channels. Their services might not be up to the mark.
  • Vendors having good reputation often advertise the least as they get ample business through referrals.
  • From PC repair to virus removal, your chosen vendor should be able to offer a comprehensive suite of services. It will help you immensely while scaling up your business.
  • The subscription plan taken should also include repair of peripherals also as these devices are often used to obtain the output of the work done on the computer. Include repair of printers, routers, cameras, mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, television sets as well as most offices now have TV sets in cafeteria’s.
  • Purchasing a subscription plan makes sense as the vendor is assured of fixed revenues and you are assured of round the clock support.
  • Do not change vendors frequently as businesses that are fickle with vendors hardly go anywhere.
  • Opt for vendors that offer a free price-quote or money back guarantee as such service providers are more reliable and won’t renege on their promises.
  • Fixed price quotes that include services from Microsoft certified technicians are the best option as you get skilled professionals having hands-on experience in rectifying Microsoft software.
  • Do check the credentials of the engineers that populate the team of the vendor and they should be native English speakers so that there is no language barrier between your team and the support staff.
  • Prefer US based technicians to obliterate the language barrier. But nowadays, few vendors offer multi-lingual support as well.
  • Check if there is a live chat functionality offered on the website or a toll free number that is accessible. Most problems can be solved through email, live chat or the phone and in some cases, your computer can be taken over remotely through software’s like team viewer and the problem can be resolved to your satisfaction.
  • If the vendor can offer you a unique user id and password that can help you to log into your account and raise a trouble-ticket, track billing and payment issues, along with other useful tools, and software’s then such a company will be a great asset.
  • There is usually a help menu also offered when you log into such portals and it helps users solve all their problems on their own by following the instructions given to solve most problems.

Keeping track of the above pointers will assure you of a hassle-free experience!

Computer Tech Support Canada: A bit about us!

With ten years of experience in offering remote diagnostic and technical support to small and medium businesses, we have accumulated vast experience and insights with regards to the problems being faced by businesses. And can offer razor sharp solutions that fit their needs precisely. We offer assistance in the following scenarios through our team of US based technicians that can offer help 24 hours a day.

  • Installation of new hardware or software
  • Virus removal or anti-virus installation
  • Advice with regard to new technology
  • Network configuration

Through our team of over 1000 professionals, we can offer support to a wide smorgasbord of clients that has helped us to gain a leadership position in the industry. Most of our clients know that the critical mass of customers acquired has been possible only by unflinching dedication to customer service backed by strong domain knowledge and expertise.

Many of our customers appreciate the fact that our business processes work 24*7 to deliver unstinted support to customers whose employees are clueless when their computers are unable to execute instructions owing to technical problems.

Tech Support Mississauga: Mission

To create outstanding customer experiences that lead to better relationships. Putting the customer first is our priority. We retain a human touch and refuse to deploy robots, scripts and all queries are answered by humans.

IT Support Canada Vision

To deliver hassle-free experiences to customers both big and small and meet or exceed the expectations of customers in terms of the quality of service delivery.

Manages IT Services: Why choose us?

  • We use end to end encryption and a 128-bit secure socket layer to help our customers transact in peace o our website. By offering bank level encryption we have gained the trust and support of our customers in diverse industry verticals.
  • Round the clock availability of technical help ensures that we cater to customers in all time-zones efficiently.
  • Our team of professionals consists of award-winning professionals who are experts in Windows, Mac, Linux and have even earned the most valuable professional award from Microsoft making us the best in the industry.
  • Peter, Chartered Accountant

Being in the accountancy business, we require seamless support in order to safeguard customer data that we store on our computers. For this we take daily back-ups on pen drives but sometimes we face issues that none of us in the team can handle. Early in the morning, we are faced with login issues as some desktops use bio-metric identification and others use password based authentication.

All work gets stuck if we are unable to login on not install windows based applications that we want. It is at this juncture their support crucial and through remote diagnostics these guys can actually pull off the impossible. They have installed software on our computer with a unique user id and password. The moment we are in trouble they log in to our computer remotely and fix the issue on any device, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Their command over every kind of operating system is superb. Being native English speakers, none of our team members has any problem in communicating their problems to them and understanding the solutions they prescribe. Anti-virus issues no longer bother us as they have got us in the habit of taking back-ups at regular intervals.

  • Sharon, Advertiser

I have been in the advertising business long enough and never in my childhood did I ever imagine that I will spend most of my adult life, spending time on it.Having experimented with various professions taught me the art of selling almost anything and hence forth advertising was the natural choice of career. But technology and especially hardware and software can be a real headache when they go wrong. And when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong. But thanks to the remote diagnostic capabilities of this team, every challenge looks small and we can say goodbye to all software issues.

The remote diagnostic software they have installed on each system undertakes periodic cleaning of unnecessary trash files, cookies which slow down the system and keep it up and running in peak condition. Regular automatic updates, warnings about malware are flashed on to the system and no unwarranted shocks hit us. Earlier we had to pay a huge fee to format the systems, reinstall all software’s and virtually keep a day off in order to get the computer back in shape. But with these experts by our side, we have the best anti-virus solution, diagnostic utilities that have really given our technological infrastructure, just the leverage we are looking for.

  • Shawn, Internet marketer

In the internet marketing business, we have been around for nearly two decades and things move so fast in the world of digital technology that keeping pace with technology is quite a challenge. Headcount is also important as higher the headcount, higher the profits. Digital and social media marketing is quite labour-intensive and therefore keeping computer hardware in peak condition helps in greater productivity.

More submissions, more content, more designs can be made in the minimum possible time if processor speed is good, internet speed is good and there is not even a single byte of wasted memory space in the computers. Such robust monitoring can be done by this expert team who are masters of their trade. They really know the business inside out and can offer top quality, economical solutions to all the IT related challenges we face. Plus all solutions are offered online meaning that we do not have to take our computers to their offices for repair.

I think signing an annual maintenance contract was the best decision we took as they take care of all our hassles while we can concentrate on the core task of building our business. Taking care of the customer now is our highest priority instead of grappling with IT infrastructure related issues.

  • Pinky, head hunter

Being in the recruitment space, i have a team of generalists, hard core recruiters, employee relations managers, MIS experts. All these functions are executed through a strong IT infrastructure. But no company can succeed without world class technological support.That’s what these experts do; overhaul the complete IT infrastructure operations of your enterprise, so that you can concentrate on the core aspects of your business i.e. taking care of customer pain points rather than being involved with maintenance duties. IT infrastructure can be a source of competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive market where perceptions matter. And by having best-in-class hardware and middleware expertise by our side, we have been able to create an indelible impression on the minds of your customers.

The advantage of having expert help in such mission critical operations is that your organizations experiences nearly zero down –time and you don’t end up paying surplus wages, something that can be crucial in a recessionary environment. In addition to this, you will also end up creating an enterprise where employees can work seamlessly without any interruptions and zero down-time and can boost their productivity considerably.Round the clock technical support services are offered by them have helped us to carry on our work seamlessly.

Mickey, footwear marketer

With newer technologies proliferating the IT solutions space, it is important for both big and small players to be abreast of the latest technologies in operation and deploy them effectively by seeking help from the best vendors.By leveraging their expertise you can address hardware and network server management issues effectively.

As a CTO, you can redirect your resources in the right direction and make the most of the resources that are made available to you. It is an undeniable fact that companies that concentrate on getting the small things right, end up gaining significantly in terms of time, money and energy. Their in-depth hardware knowledge and expertise across domains combined with the collaborative approach towards understanding customer requirements helps us in getting customized solutions to all your problems.

You also have the advantage of choosing just the right kind of architecture and server configuration that rightly fits your business precisely. By offering cost-efficient, advanced technology components that facilitate top quality hardware and software leadership, these experts have helped our businesses save ample time and resources.

Amin, market research specialist

Highly recommended vendors! We wish them all the luck for a bright future. And since we work for a wide cross section of markets, we are quite sure that their service quality will make a difference to the industry.

With their expertise by your side, you can be rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in safe hands and you can concentrate on your core operations. No longer will you have to worry about design, development, installation, trouble-shooting, quality assurance and similar such issues. Blessed with top quality talent, these professionals help us to prepare for the future and deliver customized products that are in sync with our expectations.

Enterprise customers can expect turnkey solutions from highly skilled computer science professionals manning this department. This specialized function offers specific solutions to real life business problems. This is a critical function that helps us to check for problems in the existing software and hardware infrastructure. These professionals undertake designing, execution and commissioning of both hardware and software solutions and in short offer total support for customized technology requirements. Only then can you deliver a superior quality of service that is expected from world class players who rely heavily on their talent pool and vendor ecosystem to deliver both manual and automated solutions.